Thursday, January 25, 2007

Turkish Delights

Yesterday I went partying. I went partying in a way that I hadn’t been in a long, long, long time. The kind of partying where everyone in the group knows that what happens during that night will not be talked about again. It will remain, forever, unmentioned. Being with a group of men, having a “anything goes” agreement and having, between us, enough cash to buy a virtually un-limited supply of alcohol is a terrifying thing

I am in Turkey at the moment for some business. Last night, the group and I decided to go to dinner to the country’s best fish restaurant. That of course started the evening with a few bottle of white wine (Macon Village of course). At the end of dinner, the group decided to continue the evening in Istanbul’s poshest nightspot. For my part I told them I’d go to the hotel because I had someone to talk to and I couldn’t afford to do so while being any more inebriated then I was. Turns out after I got to the hotel that the person I was to talk to had tanneshed me in the worst of ways

I called up the guys and said: “don’t go anywhere, I am on my way”

Now, a few of you readers have partied with me in real life. For those that haven’t, let me give you my 4 rules of true partying:

  1. It must be with a group that doesn’t need to worry about the costs of the drinks. This allows the drinks to flow freely and for rounds to be bought without real care about the costs
  2. There must be an iron clad, unwritten rule that what ever happens that night will be forgiven and forgotten in the morning.
  3. There must be absolute trust between all involved that rule #2 would be followed
  4. Anything goes

Yesterday, the conditions for partying were perfect. To top this off, the group I was with was absolutely amazing and the place we were in was frequented by an absolutely amazing group of people.

I wish I could tell you tales of me approaching woman and making a fool of myself or of food dropped on my shirt. However, the amount of alcohol consumed made everything seem perfect. I have in front of me the bill form last night. We were six people and we consumed: 58 tequila shots, 12 B52s, 8 draught beers (mine), 11 glasses of wine, 2 black Russians (probably mine), 6 martinis, 1 bottle of champagne, 1 bottle of blue label, 226 coronas (looks like we had a “drinks are on us” moment), 12 flaming Lamborghinis and 23 sambucas

I will not tell you how much it actually cost and I can’t really remember who paid. But I’ll be checking my credit card and I think I’ll make sure it wasn’t me!!

Well, it’s now 8:30 in the morning, I just got back to the room 30 minutes ago, I have a meeting in 30 minutes, I shall shower and go. Maybe later tonight, after my day, which I am sure will be very long, I will tell you all about what actually happened during that night. Oh, wait, rule #3!! Sorry guys, I’ll take it to my grave.

I wonder how the others are doing, I am suppose to see them all in 30 minutes. How many of them will show up? How many are passed out in their room? It’s an important meeting, we should be in top shape for it. I think I’ll have a beer before going, just to make sure I am at my peak.

Haroun El Poussah


Blogger Sex and Dubai said...

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11:24 AM  
Anonymous Ooman said...

Woooow 226 Coronas thats alot of booze.Once I ordered a Corona in Amsterdam and my Dutch Friend told me that in Holland that drink is popular with gays, and most will suspect you are one when you order a corona.

So if in Holland thats quite alot of gays :)

3:03 PM  
Anonymous sAnonymous said...

Was the nightclub in Europe with a view of Asia over the Bosphorous?

5:01 PM  
Blogger Taunted said...

Puff, call yourselves drinkers?

I've spilt more on my shirt in a night than you yellowbellies managed to consume!!

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Kaylen said...

I love your rules for drinking, however I would have to agree that 226 Coronas would indicate you were at a gay club (in my area anyway)!

That's quite the bar tab!!

1:55 AM  
Blogger Dubai Dude said...

You r fuckin funny...keep up....

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey so what happened the next morning??? i gotta hear the rest of this bull shit... why i think its bull, well here you go, the time you portay to write this was at about 8 am the next morning, if you drank all those beers and black russians, you should have been slightly buzzed (thats me being nice) that night,so i would doubt that you must have some kind of memory to remmember the exact count of the drinks, but you can argue saying "well i saw the bill", if you are conscious enough to see the bill, you should know who paid for it as well..:)...alright herlock....nice reading ur make believe adventures..

5:21 PM  
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