Thursday, January 25, 2007

Turkish Delights

Yesterday I went partying. I went partying in a way that I hadn’t been in a long, long, long time. The kind of partying where everyone in the group knows that what happens during that night will not be talked about again. It will remain, forever, unmentioned. Being with a group of men, having a “anything goes” agreement and having, between us, enough cash to buy a virtually un-limited supply of alcohol is a terrifying thing

I am in Turkey at the moment for some business. Last night, the group and I decided to go to dinner to the country’s best fish restaurant. That of course started the evening with a few bottle of white wine (Macon Village of course). At the end of dinner, the group decided to continue the evening in Istanbul’s poshest nightspot. For my part I told them I’d go to the hotel because I had someone to talk to and I couldn’t afford to do so while being any more inebriated then I was. Turns out after I got to the hotel that the person I was to talk to had tanneshed me in the worst of ways

I called up the guys and said: “don’t go anywhere, I am on my way”

Now, a few of you readers have partied with me in real life. For those that haven’t, let me give you my 4 rules of true partying:

  1. It must be with a group that doesn’t need to worry about the costs of the drinks. This allows the drinks to flow freely and for rounds to be bought without real care about the costs
  2. There must be an iron clad, unwritten rule that what ever happens that night will be forgiven and forgotten in the morning.
  3. There must be absolute trust between all involved that rule #2 would be followed
  4. Anything goes

Yesterday, the conditions for partying were perfect. To top this off, the group I was with was absolutely amazing and the place we were in was frequented by an absolutely amazing group of people.

I wish I could tell you tales of me approaching woman and making a fool of myself or of food dropped on my shirt. However, the amount of alcohol consumed made everything seem perfect. I have in front of me the bill form last night. We were six people and we consumed: 58 tequila shots, 12 B52s, 8 draught beers (mine), 11 glasses of wine, 2 black Russians (probably mine), 6 martinis, 1 bottle of champagne, 1 bottle of blue label, 226 coronas (looks like we had a “drinks are on us” moment), 12 flaming Lamborghinis and 23 sambucas

I will not tell you how much it actually cost and I can’t really remember who paid. But I’ll be checking my credit card and I think I’ll make sure it wasn’t me!!

Well, it’s now 8:30 in the morning, I just got back to the room 30 minutes ago, I have a meeting in 30 minutes, I shall shower and go. Maybe later tonight, after my day, which I am sure will be very long, I will tell you all about what actually happened during that night. Oh, wait, rule #3!! Sorry guys, I’ll take it to my grave.

I wonder how the others are doing, I am suppose to see them all in 30 minutes. How many of them will show up? How many are passed out in their room? It’s an important meeting, we should be in top shape for it. I think I’ll have a beer before going, just to make sure I am at my peak.

Haroun El Poussah


Hello, My name is Herlock and I am a rule breakoholic

We all live with rules in our lives and, as Middle Easterners, we also live to break those rules. We naturally assume that those rules are stupid and we work endlessly to find ways around them.

We, as Middle easterners tell ourselves that we know better, that these rules are set by idiots anyway and that there is no real point in following them. Anyone who has ever been in Egypt will know that every person in the country thinks that the rules of traffic are stupid and don’t serve any purpose. Any one who has been to Oman will know that rules of speed and haste are abandoned at the border. Anyone who’s ever been to Saudi will know that rules of politeness and common courtesy only apply to a select few.

The worse rules to break are the ones we put for ourselves. I mean, if we can’t follow our own rules, those that we have set for our own protection and well being, what does that say about us?

Having said that, sometimes it is good to break rules. Not all the rules are set by wise men with wise intentions. Not all rules are set when the mind is clear and the emotions calm. I, for one, have been, over the last few days, breaking one of my most sacred rules. A rule that I haven’t broken in a lifetime. Last night, I sat and wondered why am I acting against my instincts, good sense and counsel?

The answer is quite simple: Because I dread the consequence of following that rule more than those of breaking it. Having thought about it, I realized that this is the only valid reason to break a rule. It is the only acceptable reason to break a rule. Think about it, what is the use of a rule that makes following it more terrifying then letting go of it? Does such a rule serve any purpose?

I am sure some will come and leave comments citing morality, health, safety and other issues that make the above not apply. However, let it be known that breaking some rules is so sweet that I shall continue to break them and attend my Rule Breaker Anonymous (RBA) meetings every week

Herlock Sholmes

Sunday, January 21, 2007


It is generally quite difficult for someone I don’t know to get in touch with me. Even if he has my email or telephone number it is not that easy. I get about 1500 emails a day and usually I only answer a few and I never answer calls from numbers I don’t know. I transfer those to my secretary. Also, my phone is usually on silent 99% of the time and I miss a lot of calls.

Over the last 3-4 days I’ve received no less that 35 calls from the telesales lady at the Shangri La trying to sell me a VIP card. Each time she called she left a message with my secretary who was too nice to tell her I was not interested.

So, this morning when she called, I picked up:

Me: “Good morning”
Shangri La Lady (SLL): “Good morning Mr. Sholmes”
Me: “Good morning”
SLL: “I am calling you regarding our VIP card”
Me: “Yes?”
SLL: “Are you interested Sir? If you accept, you get 30% discount on most outlet and a SPA massage for free”
Me: “I get a free massage?”
SLL: “Yes, are you interested?”
Me: “Of course, a free massage would do me a world of good”
SLL: “Excellent, let me just confirm your details. Your name is Herlock Sholmes?”
Me: “Yes”
SLL: “And you are still a Tiny Kahuna at your company?”
Me: “No, I moved to Dubai Transport
SLL: “OH, excellent, and what do you do there?”
Me: “Taxi Driver”

I am sure, she will not call again

Herlock Sholmes

Friday, January 19, 2007


Last night I had to take my boss and his GF out to dinner. When we finished they insisted to go to a bar for company paid drinks. I had other plans for last night but I couldn’t really say NO to my boss.

So, I took them to my favorite drinking spot in Dubai. My Boss, being American, likes to sit at the bar. Unlike him, I like tables in a dark remote corner of the room where I can see what is going around

Anyway, we were at the bar, my 55 year old boss was all over his 25 year old girlfriend doing and saying things to her that I really didn’t know were Kosher for a 55 year old (or Halal for that matter.)

His hand was all over the place, his lips were like a freaking machine and the 15 year old was making noises that would have awoken Kennedy from his grave.

After a few minutes of this and while I was slowly distancing myself from them, boss turns around and tell me: “This place is too quiet, we need action!”. Hey, what do I know about action in Dubai? “What kind of action?”. I figured making him talk would take his lips away from the girl’s breasts. Her dress was stained with saliva spots on the nipples. This was getting embarrassing. “A hot place with music, girls and action”

Well, I only know of one place in Dubai where he can suck his date’s nipples and have loud music and loose women around. Cyclone!

When we walked in, I could see the sheer excitement on his face. I could feel raw emotions coming from her. I could feel complete boredom falling on me!

They immediately disappeared in the crowd. I stood against a wall on the far side waiting for them to finish so I could take them home. I was getting really bored and looking at my watch every 5 min when a blond and blue eyed lady came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy her a drink. I felt like having a drink but the bar was too crowded earlier so I told her that I would buy her a drink if she’d go get hers and get me one as well. I gave her a Dhs 100 note, it was all I had.

15 minutes later she returned with my appropriately named White Russian and she also conveniently forgot to give me the change. No matter, I was more than prepared to pay Dhs100 for a drink at that time.

We stood there for a few minutes saying nothing, then all of a sudden she turns around and lunges at me for a kiss on the lips. I play computer games all the time, I have the sharpest of reflexes, I turned my head just in time for the kiss to land on my cheek. Beaurk it was wet and I had to really resist the urge to wipe it off.

Then, I had an idea. A brilliant idea. One of those ideas that only come once in a lifetime. I offered her Dhs1000 if she’d go to my boss, kiss him and offer him a free night of passion. She’d get another 1000 if she was able to make it a threesome with the 10 year old Girlfriend.

Isn’t it amazing what an incentivised woman can accomplish? It took less than 5 min for the three of them to head to the door with my boss giving me the thumbs up. After they went out, the girl came back to collect her extra 1000. I haven’t heard from my boss yet today.

However, I was able to get home and have some sleep earlier than expected. That was well worth my Dhs2000. Besides, I will put them tomorrow on the company expense as “Entertainment”

Money well spent

Herlock Sholmes

Thursday, January 18, 2007



How are you doing today? It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. Well, not really that long but still, it feels like an eternity. What has been happening with you? Wait! Don’t answer that. Let me guess. You are probably doing well, drinking wine and eating vegetables. You are taking 4 pills a day for ailments of various nature and it continues to piss you off every single day. You are swimming, walking, sleeping and resting from morning to evening. You wonder and ponder over the mysteries of life and most importantly you are smiling.

Yesterday you woke up early and started your day with a swim, then you went online to chat with friends and check the rambling of fools like me. You had some coffee in the morning, you should have it with milk but someone reminded you that adding milk does not reduce the quantity of coffee in your coffee so you probably had it black. It was strong coffee.

Later that morning, you brushed your hair and went for a walk. You ended up at the supermarket where you bought some vegetables, wine, cereals, soap and olive oil. Then you remembered that you were out of Pasta and Tuna so you got some as well. You will heat them later. You considered going for Gnocchi but you prefer regular pasta.

When you got home, you threw a quick glance at your PC to see if anything had changed since last time you checked. A new post, a new message, a new mail. Sadly, there was nothing. But, you know that one is coming soon. Because it is about bloody time. Then you checked your phone for an sms. You thought to yourself: “You never know”.

Now, you’re reading this post and laughing. Later, you’ll come back to it, just to read it again. And smile some more. “Crazy Man” you will think to yourself. Then, you will sit on the nearest chair, close your eye and think about it all. You will torture yourself by decorticating everything; trying to make sense from chaos. An hour later, you’d have failed, but you will keep on. Eventually, it will dawn upon you. And, the smile will be back.

In the mean time, you are still reading this post, wondering where this is going. Wondering what comes next. You know this post is for you. Yes, you. Don’t blush, now is not the time for blushing. Keep reading and control that smile.

We met for the briefest of moments. A glimpse really, nothing more. Will we meet again? Since this is my monologue I can create the ending of my chosing. I chose this one:

  • I still have your bottle of wine. I carried it all the way home. Not because it’s good wine (Pretty lousy actually, I was appalled) but because I told you we’d drink it together.
  • 2:0 is not a fair score. Something needs to be done about it
  • Didn’t I tell you to control that smile?
  • I do think that Picasso is/was a genius and I need to make you see that
  • You owe me a trip to Greece
  • I owe you a view of mount Fuji
  • You owe me a phone call
  • I owe you a “Hello”
  • You owe me the right words
  • I owe you a time and place
  • I told you I’d make it hard, I lied
  • I told you I’d be there when you got back, I didn’t lie
  • I think the Marriott is better and you need to agree
  • Pizza and tuna salad is not the best food I could come up with. I can do better
  • Stop blushing please

Now, you’re still reading this post, but you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face. “Crazy, Crazy man” you’re thinking to yourself “what will I do with you”. For the briefest of moment, you wonder what post can come next, but you dismiss this thought knowing that I'll figure it out.

For now, this is still my monologue but if/when you decide that we need to meet again, you will have your own monologue to come up with. I am sure you can figure out what words to use. Until then, I’ll be at the bar.

Haroun El Poussah

Tiny Kahuna, Greece

Regarding the post below, I have received only two job applications through the comments but I have received no less than 18 emails with CVs. Instead of answering all of them individually, I thought I’d answer some here. For those of you who sent me a CV and you don’t appear in this list, one of my slave will be calling you shortly

Apostolos: No, being the lead bouncer in Athens’s hottest night clubs doesn’t qualify you for the job. But, if you can arrange a date for my friend Haroun, I’d consider some alternate form of payment

George: No, Being a southern gentleman from Georgia in the cotton industry does not qualify you to lead my slaves. Mentioning that your grand father had a lot of slave experience was interesting.

Ali: No, being an asshole doesn’t qualify you. I am the only one allowed to be an asshole to my slaves.

John: No, Being in the drug trafficking industry does not qualify you

Andreas: No, Being 69 does not disqualify you. Being unable to spell two words of English certainly does

Kyros: I don’t speak a word of Greek man. A CV in English would help

Maria: That was the funniest CV I ever saw. Next time, please consider adding to it your current employment, age, sex, contact details and education. Sending me 41 lines of prose on yourself does not really work

Susanna: Sending me your CV and asking me to set you up on date with Haroun will not get you in my good graces

Heba: They speak Greek in Greece. I swear!

Ali: Offering me sex was not the best way to get into my good graces. I only sleep with my female slaves. You should take your offer to Haroun, he might be interested.

Dalal: No, Haroun does not visit Greece often.

S&D: No, your set of two wonderful Kahunas does not qualify you for the job. It does, however, qualify you for an interview and close examination of your credentials

N: You may apply to become one of my slaves anytime

Herlock Sholmes

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I recently got promoted which means that I used to be a Tiny Kahuna in my company and that I am now a Small Kahuna with several Tiny Kahunas reporting to me. As part of the promotion, I get 8 new countries and about 50 more slaves in my team. That brings my total number of slaves to about 200 and change. This morning, I had invited the 8 new Tiny Kahunas to Dubai for a 1 on 1 introductory meeting. Here is what the Greek guy had to say:

Me: “Hello Karimitos Lovemakinos”
Karimitos: “Hello Kherlock”
Me: “Herlock”
Karimitos: “Yes, Kherlock”
Me: “Not Kherlock, Herlock”
Karimitos: “eh, this is what I said, Kherlock”
Me: “Herlock, Herlock H H H”
Karimitos: “Yes, KH KH KH, that’s what I said”
Me: (Hum, I sense a disturbance in the force)
Me: “Ok, never mind, Kherlock it is”
Me: “I see you have been with us 2.5 years already”
Karimitos: “Yes, I need a raise”
Me: “A raise? I see here that you haven’t achieved your quota in the last 9 quarters”
Karimitos: “Exactly!”
Me: “!!??”
Karimitos: “I haven’t achieved quota so I didn’t get commission so I didn’t get paid well, so I need a raise”
Me: “!!??”
Karimitos: “What’s wrong Kherlock”
Me: “Herlock”
Karimitos: “Whatever”
Me: (Did that Slave just Whatever me?)
Me: “Usually we give raises to people who achieve quota, as a reward”
Karimitos: “No, that’s what commission is for. I worked hard so I need a raise. I haven’t received full salary since I joined”
Me: “Because you having been delivering results”
Karimitos: “Exactly and I have been punished for that, you took away my commission!”
Me: “I didn’t take anything away, I hardly know you”
Karimitos: “You, You, the Kahunas”
Me: (Ah, yes, I am part of those now… )
Me: “So… you want me to go to my boss and tell him you need a raise because you haven’t delivered on your targets. Is that correct?”
Karimitos: “Yes, Absolutely”
Me: “And if you had delivered you wouldn’t want a raise?”
Karimitos: “Well, that depends how hard I work to deliver”
Me: “Hum…”

I am now taking applications for the position of Tiny Kahuna in Greece. Requirements are simple

1. Being able to pronounce my name
2. As a tiny Kahuna you will have your own slaves. About 15 of them. Treat them well. They need to get, at least, one afternoon off a week
3. You should make your targets so I look good in front of Medium Kahuna, my Boss
4. You should realize that as a Tiny Kahuna you are my slave. You get Wednesday afternoon off starting at 4pm
5. You should be an Italy supporter in Euro 2008
6. You should make sure your slaves support Italy as well

That’s it really. Please leave your application in the comment sections and someone will get back to you.

Herlock Sholmes

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Herlock Sholmes

By popular demand, I have tracked down the legendary Herlock Sholmes and asked him to become a contributor to this blog.

Some of you already know Herlock, for those who don't I will let him introduce himself.

We will each sign our posts separately

Haroun El Poussah
So, I had a 7 hours flight back from France to Dubai. During that wonderful time I am sitting next to a very nice lady. We chat for 7 hours straight and, in a typical Herlock fashion, I forget to ask for her phone number. Duh!! I should have my brain examined!

There are two types of men in this world, the Women-challenged and the Women-enabled. Being in the first category really sucks. So, this morning I went to Google to try to sort my problem out. I decided to look for Dating classes in the country. I figured that a little formal education would not hurt.

To my complete surprise, I discovered that there are no dating lessons available in Dubai. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, I decided that it was a great business opportunity and I am opening a dating school. No, no, relax, I am not the one going to be giving the classes. I will only be a guest speaker. You know, the one they bring in to inspire the class. I will be the one putting the curriculum together.

How many of you are interested in classes? It’s Dhs 1000 for a 5 day course

Over the next few days, I will share the curriculum with you

Haroun El Poussah

Monday, January 15, 2007

Encounter of the second kind

The room was dark. It was hard to see. I stood at the entrance looking around for her. In a small far corner of the restaurant, there she was. Beautiful as I had imagined her. A smile that lights up the room, eyes that stare into your soul, hands that move with her words like a Maestro conducting a Mozart symphony. I observed her from a distance for the longest of times. I just sat there, reading into her soul from afar. Day after day, I would come into the restaurant and she would be sitting at the same table and day after day I would sit at a distance, observing her.

Then one day, I slipped a note with the waiter. It was a simple note. All it said was: “Bar”. She took it, read it and her gaze went to the bar. Our eyes met. She smiled. I smiled. And, for what seemed an eternity, every day I would enter the restaurant, sit at the bar and our eyes would meet and she would expose part of her soul to me.

Day after day, we grew closer. Having never spoken, never touched, never smiled, but we grew closer for we had seen into each other’s soul.

She was sitting at the table with her Beau. A Handsome man, charming, made her laugh and feel safe. But every day, she would stare into my eyes. That went on for quite some time.

One day, towards the end of the evening, the Beau stood to go to the bathroom. His chair was empty. I considered it for a moment. The briefest of moments. Should I? Would I? I left the bar and started walking slowly towards that empty seat. With every step, I would look into her eyes for encouragement, for approval. She knew it and she, for the first time, smiled at me as I sat on that chair. I had never heard her voice and for a moment, we stood there in silence looking at each other, making sure that the first word would be the right one. There might only be time for one word before the Beau came back. I had to choose carefully, I knew she would let me have that first word.

I gazed into her eyes, wondering which one to use, it was a long, piercing gaze and suddenly I knew. I knew that there was only one word… “Hello”

She smiled. She knew it was the perfect one. Simple, yet the smile that accompanied it, said it all. “Hello” she said back.

I had so many other things to tell her, so many questions to ask her, so many emotions to share. Yet, before I had a chance to bare my soul, I noticed her Beau waiting for her by the restaurant door.

“I have to go”, she said. “Yes, I know” I replied. I wanted to hold her, to beg her to stay, to make her see how much I wanted her to stay. Yet, I knew that she had to go. She had come to the restaurant with him; she had to leave with him. That was the proper thing to do.

I had so much more to say. If only I had more time, if only I had a few more minutes, if only I could extend my hand and touch her heart, she’d see that she didn’t really have to go. She’d see that what she wanted was right there, on that seat. But, all I had was “Hello” and the smile that accompanied it.

I will be at the bar tomorrow, the day after and the day after that. If she cares, she’ll come back, alone. I will be waiting…

Haroun El Poussah

Sunday, January 14, 2007


What is intimacy?

Some would argue it’s a touch, a meeting of the bodies. Some would argue it’s a meeting of the mind. Some, smarter, would argue that it is both. They would argue that there is no intimacy unless both minds and bodies merge.

The wise however, will tell you that intimacy is not about concepts of body or minds; they will argue that intimacy is a state of being. Descartes once theorized that Intimacy is the disappearance of individuality in favor of duality. What a load of shit. These famous philosophers are really overpaid for the stupidities the blabber all day long.

Let me tell you, for free, what intimacy is.

Intimacy is when you don’t have to pretend, when you don’t have to play, when you don’t have to touch, when you don’t have to think, when you don’t have to talk when you don’t have to dream.

Intimacy is closeness, silence, darkness, light. It is also Friendship and sex and smiles and tears and laughs.

Intimacy is hard, it raises something beyond expectations, it is a sine qua non condition for happiness that can only be achieved if there is nothing more that is wanted or needed.

Hum, that did not really come out the way I wanted. Those philosophers have no idea what they are talking about but they sure can use pretty words.

Let me take another crack at that…

Intimacy is the transformation of expectation, urges, desires, thoughts and laughs into a well synchronized chorus of emotions.

Yep, that sounds like the Mumbo Jumbo that philosophers would say… Haroun, on the other hand, would just say that Intimacy is the first step on the road to Love

Haroun El Poussah

Monday, January 08, 2007

Khipper trouble

I am currently attending a conference in Dallas, Texas. Yesterday was our first day and I found myself sitting next to a Venezuelan girl. Half way through the day, she turns to me and says: “Khipper”. She looked me straight in the eyes as she was telling me this. Her eyes weren’t leaving mine. “Khipper” she repeated. Staring into my eyes. Hum, my Spanish is rusty. I haven’t spoken a word of Spanish in a long, long time and I didn’t realize how rusty it was until I came to Dallas (I might have to amend the 5 languages entry in a post below). “Kipper, Khipper, down, broken”. Duh??!! What is she talking about?

Then, her eyes, leave mine, and wonder lower, 2 seconds later she is staring at my privates saying “khipper”. I look down and my Zipper was open!! My white underwear was nicely coming through! For everyone to see!
Turns out, the Zipper is broken and I don’t have another pants with me.

Just thought I’d share with you all that I wear white underwear because it seems that the 5000 people here already know and there is no point hiding it anymore. It could have been worse, I could have been wearing my pink “dentelle” underwear…

Haroun El Poussah

Friday, January 05, 2007


Last night I had a date.

We were supposed to meet at 8:30 and when I saw her name on my ringing phone at 8:20 I thought to myself: “Hum, another wasted evening, she’s cancelling”. I answer the call.

Me: “Hi, how are you?”
Date: “Bad, I just had an accident”
Me: (not THAT age old excuse)
Me: “are you ok?”
Date: “Yes, but my car is hit”
Me: “The important thing is that you are safe”
Date: “I really had an accident you know”
Me: (Yeah yeah yeah)
Me: “Of course you did. Do you want me to come over?”
Date: “Yes please I am 2 min from the restaurant”

Sure enough I come out of the restaurant and see an accident 200m away. A Cayenne and a Tercel. I walk over to the Tercel in search of my date but, to my utter amazement, I see my date standing next to the Cayenne.

Me: “Is that your car?”
Date: “yes, that idiot rammed me from behind…. No pun intended Haroun”
Me: (a Cayenne? I’ve never been in a Cayenne)
Me: “That idiot”
Date: “Oh well, we’re waiting for the police now”

She spent the next 30 minutes waiting for the police while I pretended to be interested in what she was saying but I was secretly eyeing the Cayenne. Wow, sexy car

Policeman: “Ok, all good, you can go now”
Date: “I don’t feel like driving”
Me: “We could go in one car”
Date: “Yes, mine of yours?”
Me: (Duh!! WTF do you think I will say to this?)
Me: “Well you did say you didn’t want to drive”
Me: (Yes, yes, offer that we go in your car and I drive, please please)
Date: “Ok, lets take your car”
Me: “ But, but, but, I didn’t clean it”
Date: “It’s ok, I don’t really mind”
Me: “But you should mind”
Date: “no it’s ok, really”

So we take my car and drive off to a different restaurant than we had originally planned. All evening she is talking to me and all I could see as I looked at her was “Cayenne”. I couldn’t wait to drive her back so I could get a better look at that car… I mean, for once I had a date worth going out with, a date with something to offer, an interesting date. I was trying to be charming and witty and funny and smart and honest with her. After all, the most I impress her the more likely she is to offer me a second date and the opportunity to see my baby again.

When that LONG evening finally ended and I drove her to her car, she didn’t even offer a test drive… what a wasted evening

Haroun El Poussah

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Pussy without a Pussy to fuck

I have never liked Tainted Female. Her posts are whining and whining and more whining. She is never happy. She’s always complaining. She goes through men like dirty laundry. No wonder, who would want to be with an AWM? (Automated Whining Machine). I was quite happy when she stopped blogging. Yesterday I noticed that she had a new post up. More whining. I couldn’t help myself and left a negative comment. Polite but negative

She comes back and calls me “The pussy with no pussy to fuck”. How cool is that? I mean, it’s really a good one. I thought I had to share this with you. I have been called many things before, but that one is the best.

Tainted, you might be a AWM, but you sure know your insults. You Mama should wash your mouth with soap lady!

Haroun El Poussah

Monday, January 01, 2007

A Miracle

Last night I went on a date!! Yes, yes a real one. It even involved a woman. Yes, I tell you, yes. A woman. She even had breasts, hair, and no moustache. A woman!

We met for dinner. As usual I was on time, but she was late. Not a good start, but hey, who am I to complain? You guys have been reading the blog, no talk of dates in weeks. Months. Years! Well, maybe not years. But it was getting pretty dark out there. Was I going to blow it over her being 45 minutes late?

So, she sat down and said she was in a hurry because she was going to some party after dinner. I was slightly irked, but hey, she was a woman, she was sitting across the table from me and it was dark outside! I wasn’t about to complain that she only had 30 min for dinner.

I ordered my favorite. Lasagna. She, of course ordered a Caesar salad and told the chef to bring it as soon as it was ready. I was slightly miffed. But considering my hormonal imbalance, I was not about to complain that she’d be eating alone

The salad came, she started eating and finished before my Lasagna arrived. That was ok with me, after all, I managed to get a couple of words from her while she was gulfing her salad. I wasn’t going to complain, I had gotten two whole words and, for once, they weren’t “fuck off”

She looked at her watch, it was time for her to go. My 30 minutes were up. But hey, it was ok, because I had done well and I was sure I was going to get a second date. I mean, I did put in two words and put up with all her shit. Didn’t I?

She walked away without even a peck on the cheek. But hey, I am not complaining. Considering my state of withdrawal a peck on the cheek would have sent me into orgasm and I would have stained my pants. She probably knew it and was doing me a favor.

The lasagna came. It was great. I don’t like eating alone. So I can tell you that the waiter, Rajesh, has 3 kids. Two daughters and one son. The daughters are 8 and 9, the son is 6 months old. He is really looking forward to going home, and seeing them. He is also looking forward to seeing his wife. He hasn’t seen her in over two years.

Who am I to complain? I had a great evening, the date was great and I got to know everything about Rajesh. And, for the skeptics amongst you: Yes, she was DEFINITELY a woman. I can still tell the difference…

Haroun El Poussah